About Us

Vinichi Minyon apparel is a global online store, that provides affordable unisex luxury fashion. Operated by Minyon Speller, who's mission is to convey a lifestyle brand through each unique garment. In October of 2014 Vinichi Minyon was born starting out as a boutique store, that later developed in 2016 as a bigger "brand".       

Vinichi Minyon prides itself  "not just a brand, it's a lifestyle". Vinichi is defined by Minyon as an individual who is after success, works to their maximum potential, and have dreams of making their passion a lifestyle. Minyon continues to improve her brand, by catering to supportive audiences and customers.

Vinichi Minyon's goal is to cater to the girl or guy, who wants to achieve a different distinct & clean look. Our team is here to service and style you.